- Testimonials -



Do you want to enjoy your wedding and not have to stress about details, HIRE EMILY! Emily is detail oriented, proactive, easy to communicate with and keeps things moving in a way that doesn’t feel pushy. She kept me organized during the planning, took a lot of tasks off my plate and was there to bounce ideas off when I needed her (which ended up being quite a bit). I’ve heard other brides talk about how stressful things get and I’m not going to lie, they got stressful but I know they would have been a million times worse without Emily. She went above and beyond her call of duty during the planning and preparation portion. Now, onto the day of my wedding… Emily is now referred to as “Wonder Woman” in my family. She saw problems coming seconds before they even happened (she might have super powers). I was able to enjoy my entire wedding day because Emily communicated to all my vendors, solved any problems AND she has a calming presence. I’m not quick to trust people but the whole time I knew everything was going to be perfect because Emily is such a professional. I highly recommend working with Emily.



Emily is very knowledgeable about planning weddings and her style is impeccable. She was such a big help with it came to my wedding invitations. I was looking for options other than ordering from a website and she developed a DIY plan that resulted in beautiful invites that I couldn't have been happier with and saved me lots of money! No matter what task I asked for help with, she was on top of it, whether it was vendor information or advice on which shoe to buy for my dress. Emily was always available and quick to respond. I'm going to have a beautiful wedding that was planned with minimal stress partly thanks to Emily. Oh and she's a bridesmaid in my wedding as well...this girl knows weddings!



With finishing up in nursing school I knew right off the bat that I needed help planning my wedding. The first initial meeting with Emily we just clicked, and I could see how organized and willing to help she was. She was also extremely detail oriented which I loved. From the very beginning she has been an amazing mentor, and wedding planner throughout this crazy process for us. Not only was she a phenomenal wedding planner but she became a great friend as well. Her efforts were non-stop to ensure that we received everything that we wanted on our special day. Even on the day of the wedding she was continuously making sure everyone and everything was going as perfect as it could be. I will forever be grateful to her for creating a dream come true wedding for Daniel and I. We were truly blessed to have Emily as part of this process for us! For anyone who wants someone who is committed to going that extra mile throughout the wedding process I would highly recommend using Emily Ventura Designs!


Jeny + Scott

Emily has been a great help during my wedding planning process. Not only is she available when I need her but she always has great styalistic suggestions! She always listens to what I want and helps to put it all together in ways I woudn't have thought of. I love her passion and upbeat personality, and above all, her remarkable drive for her job. It really shows in the work she does. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with her and I would recommend Emily Ventura Designs to anyone and everyone. She will make sure every detailed is taken care of and your wedding day will be amazing. I HIGHLY recommend!